Back To Normal

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My sweet girl is finally home! These past 5 weeks have dragged. I remember when she was two and I only had to share her for two weeks and it felt like an eternity. 

Last night we stayed up late and waited for dad to get home and she had a million and one stories to tell us about her trip with her dad. Foster missed her more that words can say, he was sleeping when I picked her up and she was whispering to me and immediately those little eyes popped open and he yelled, "SISSY!!!" 

I get in a very down mood whenever Lo goes away for so long and Foster has been sooooo naughty so it really didn't help anything that anytime we were alone together he was screaming at the top of his lungs (whether I was holding him or not). I thought when Lo got back that he would quit that...I was wrong. He is still being very fussy but hopefully in a couple of days everything really is 

back to normal.

We love spending time out in our gardens so they day Lo came back we spent the whole morning watering and playing with the dogs. They missed her so much! Our oldest dog, Emily, wouldn't leave her side. Our dogs LOVE our kids and are very protective of them. Lo got enough kisses for the rest of the year!

Right after this, that cute, chubby, little hand pulled off two of my marigolds!

These are my FAVORITE plants! I'm not even sure what they are but they always remind me of Dr Seuss trees. 

This is our sweet pooch Kali, she is the baby and she is WILD! I couldn't get her to sit still for a picture.

Emily won't leave the kids' side when they are playing out there and she absolutely loves to play soccer. She's actually really good at it and it is really hard to get it away from her. 

Someone's teething...can you tell? Maybe #9 is coming in...

Isn't she so pretty?

This has been my life lately. If I ever set him down he immediately starts fussing (cry/yelling) and leeches onto my leg. How do you not pick up that cute face?

This girl, on the other hand, wants to do her own thing! She is totally happy playing with her dolls and showing me cool new tricks. 

This is poor Lunchbox. She was mad that we were sitting in her chair so for the remainder of the time we were out there she pouted in the corner. Lo and Foster felt bad for her and tried to cheer her up. 


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