Sweet, Sick Baby

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The days (and nights) have been filled with runny noses, coughs, crying and cuddles. 

My poor little guy is teething.

It makes me so sad for him when he is wanting to crawl after sister or is trying to walk and he gets frustrated because he doesn't feel good and doesn't know why. Thankfully, we're getting two done at once. There is one poking through the bottom and a sharp, little guy coming through the top. 

I don't remember Lo ever being as adventurous as him, she would always stand up then just jump up and down because she was excited, Foster stands up with the middle table and tries to jump to the couch. So as you can imagine, he takes quite a few tumbles. Doesn't it seem like their heads are the heaviest part of their little body and always manages to hit first? 

Tylenol has been our best friend lately. If we don't give it to him exactly when he is supposed to have it again, he immediately gets super miserable. Another saving grace has been a hot shower. Bryson or I have been taking him in with us and just letting him lay on us and getting all that congestion out, because he is not sleeping at night (I don't think he can get comfortable) he uses the shower time to get a few zzz's in. 

He has definitely not been his happy, playful self but fingers crossed this is almost over! 

In other news Lo has testing to get into the private school I went to on Tuesday and man oh man am I a little nervous. She's "technically" not supposed to start kindergarten until next year because she missed the cutoff by a month but they are letting her test in and I'm not going to lie, she's a smart little girl, but some of the things they are testing her on I don't think there are very many four years olds that know how to do. BUT I know she'll do great I just know she really wants to go to school with her friends and I want that for her. 

Then again, we're going to have to move eventually for my schooling so maybe it's better if she wasn't with her friends so it's easier when the time comes....

This is seriously my mind lately. 

Moving is coming closer and closer and that means applying to schools, applying to jobs, Bryson will have to redo his academy, finding a home in a good school district, when is a good semester to start, when do you start looking for a job, what if I don't get into the school I applied for, applying for scholarships, what if I don't get the scholarships, we're here now so I can't forget about The Juice Bus, that needs to be running this month....

Y'all, it's never ending. This is running through my mind 90% of the time. 

Anywayyyy where was I? 

Oh yes, Lo and school. 

I'm sure she'll do amazing, it's totally natural to be anxious right?


Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

Feel better little! Sick but still so stinkin cute!!!

Makeover With Aspen said...

Thanks :) I cannot wait until he feels better. It breaks my heart seeing him so sick.

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