I've Never Had a Ton of Friends but I Think I'm Pretty Fun

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So basically I think I'm pretty awesome. Maybe that's conceited (maybe I don't care ;) ) and maybe I should rephrase. I have always had problems keeping friends. I don't mean we have a huge falling out and can't be around each other. We just grow apart or they move away. I noticed this recently when I decided to host a party for my amazing Pilates instructor/ friend, Emily. I had to invite people to come to it and after naming off a couple family members I was all but stuck. You can have a party with your mom, sisters, grandma and cousins, right?

 I'm starting to think it's genetics. 

My mom loves her friends but every time she gets a really close friend they move away and this happens to me quite a bit too. Seriously, this has happened a ridiculous amount of times. You would almost think they were moving away from us...no, that can't be it. 

My dad on the other hand has had the same friends since high school. They don't live near each other but they still manage to get together a couple times a year and that's friends enough for him. 

If, at the end of this post, you think that we would be a good friend match, please leave your resume in the comment section and we shall start our lifelong friendship full of laughter and vino. 

Here are a couple reasons why I think I'm a pretty good friend to have: 

I'm hilarious. No, you won't know whether to laugh or nod seriously but you will do an awkward giggle while you avert your eyes because you don't know how to take me. But I can promise you this, you will go home and laugh privately.

I got cho back. I'll totally rub sunscreen where you can reach it and if you've had a bit to much liquid courage and you're picking a fight with choose 1 a) The she-man b) the chick with baby girl in her hoop earrings and black lip liner c) you ex d) your ex's girl friend - then you can be guaranteed I'll think of some reason we have to leave and it'll be way funner than getting your butt whooped (and deep down you know it) 

You will look better than me. Let's be honest here for a second. On a regular day I wear a t shirt and don't do makeup and I like my hair up. Even if I did want to get ready, I have two kids. Even if I managed to get decent the baby will drool all over me and leave a weird stain. 

I'm totally fine with movie + wine night. Who needs to go out regularly? Not me. In fact if you want to just bring it down with We're the Millers with the finest bottle of $5 wine then I can confidently say that I am your girl. The only rule is no matching pajama tops and bottoms because I will be jealous. Snuggies aloud. 

You get to hang out with my awesome kids and husband. So yeah, they do live with me and I spend a majority of time with them and if you're my friend and you come over (even without an invite) you can just jump in with whatever we're doing and that means I consider you as freakin cool as my family. And seriously, they're cool. Not to mention that I have already found my soul mate so I won't take away any time from talking about your man problems. 

If you don't like someone neither will I. because honestly what else are friends for. 

The Best Reason to be My Friend

If we're close friends then I will regularly send you pictures like this. 


Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

I LOVE THIS! So great!

Anonymous said...

Even though you are way way weird I love you to the moon and back! Mema

Makeover With Aspen said...

Haha thank you Brooke!

Makeover With Aspen said...

I don't know about way WAY weird ;) Love you too Mema <3

Linzi Scarsella said...

I loved this. I don't have a ton of friends either, just a few goodies. My family is my bff. You kept me laughin' and smiling the entire post :)

Makeover With Aspen said...

My mom was wondering why I didn't post any of the "good stuff" about me haha I don't think she took it as a joke post, glad you got it haha Family is def the best bff's to have

spiffykerms said...

Awww I'd be your friend! I find it so hard to meet friends when you're an adult, and especially if you're like me and bounce from country to country. Sorta kidding on the last part, sorta not. But if you're not in school or involved in team sports (I guess CrossFit could count but I don't want ppl thinking I'm hitting on them. I'm not outgoing enough to be all hey lets go to jamba juice after because what if they're boring?).

Alex said...

If you could read a mirror instead of looking into one, I feel like I just did that. I just happened to stumble on your blog through a comment on another blog that I follow, and now I'm attached! I'm fairly new to the blog life (And by new I mean.. I literally made by blog 30 min ago and now I'm just starting at it), but this is exactly why I wanted to try and get involved in a blog community. I just recently looked around one day and realized the same - uhhh, aren't I supposed to have a gaggle of girlfriends at this age? Where did they all go? I swear they were here a minute ago..

Your personality is a hoot, and you've got a new follower. I'll just be sitting over here in the cheap Target comfy pants and Captain America tank top (you said non-matching jammies? I GOT this), and the bottle of wine that just went bad because I got too distracted to finish the stupid thing in a smart amount of time.

Makeover With Aspen said...

Haha oh my gosh this is just too funny :) I went to check out your blog and follow but there was no easy way to follow :(

Makeover With Aspen said...

It is so hard to find friends! The only friends are your kids friends parents and let's be honest not all of them you want to be friends with haha

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