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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have always loved fresh flowers. I count down the months until I can plant my garden. I love walking through the nurseries and smelling all the fresh soil. Typically I am more a potted plant person. I don't like picking or cutting flowers just to watch them die, but in the winter there are not to many options so I typically leave it bare. Every, single year though when spring has almost sprung I become anxious to plant flowers so I have to fill my house with beautiful different arrays that are super simple because I am no florist. 

This time I only bought three bunches so I could put them in different size wine glasses and spread them around the house and they have lasted forever! They've been alive two weeks now which is pretty crazy for flowers. I feel like they normally only last four days to a week. Lo has been so cute, when the water has almost run out she runs me the glass to fill up. This is probably why they have lasted...I typically forget about them or just assume the magic water fairy will come fill it up while I am sleeping. 

I tried to resist, I really did. I went to our local second hand store and found this adorable little teapot in hopes that it would curb my craving for flowers...and it did...for awhile. 

Lo and I LOVE the second hand store in our town. From the outside it looks like this itty bitty store but when you walk in there are four stories and each story is about two of my houses. It's just absolutely insane, it's like an optical illusion. I'd say 90% of it is junk but the other 10% is just amazing. There is beautiful vintage furniture, Polaroid cameras, old dishes. Ugh, I just love it. Lo and I always find little treasures to take home. 

Some of my favorites are a light turquoise - old fashioned colander, on orange soup/bread pot and of course my little tea pot. 

Do you have a favorite second hand store in your home town? What are some treasures you've taken home?


Anonymous said...

That teapot is way cute!

Makeover With Aspen said...

Thanks Mema :)

WinterBenson said...

Cute teapot! I love the idea of planting flowers, but I am a horrible gardner :P

Makeover With Aspen said...

Thank you :) I don't want to use it because I don't want to ruin it. It's taken me a couple of years to get the hang of gardening but practice (and lots of trips to our local greenhouse) makes perfect!

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