12 Day Juice Cleanse

Monday, August 31, 2015

OK! So I had a lot of interest on my Facebook page about joining a 12 day juice cleanse with me! I am starting today and going until midnight on the 11th....or maybe longer. We'll see. Today I am just going to share the very basics of a juice cleanse. To see why you should do one look here and to see my favorite recipe go here.

I am going to do this post FAQ style so feel free to skip over parts or ask more questions I may have missed. 

Do I need a juicer?
Yes. Absolutely. You can pick up the cheapest one at walmart, while it's not ideal it is better than nothing. The problem with the super cheap ones is that they spin fast, causing oxidation to the juice and it starts breaking apart nutrients.

I don't feel comfortable restricting my calories, how many calories are you really getting?
If you think you are restricting calories you obviously haven't looked up the calories in juice. Thought the day you will be drinking an estimated 2,000 calories! But it is pure goodness for your body. No fillers and limited things to digest.

How much will I be drinking through the day?
You should aim for 64oz. I drink almost exactly 64 oz a day. 

Can I juice anything?
Basically yes. Bell peppers to sweet potatoes and everything in-between. You can even juice herbs. I go for a balance of 90% veggies 10% fruit. The base of my juice is always carrots and celery and then I add flavors from there. You can add while ginger (careful, it's very strong and spicy), kale, pineapple....anything! As long as it's in its original form.

Can I make a weeks worth of juice at a time?
No. Ideally juice needs to be drank within 20 minutes. (Don't forget to chew your juice!) That isn't realistic to juice 3, 4, 5 times a day so I always juice once a day, add in a lot of citrus (I use lemon mainly) and store it in an air tight mason jar in the fridge. You should juice no less than once a day.

Are there any negative side effects?
Yes, there are side effects that aren't ideal. No, they aren't from a  negative reaction. We are all addicted to food. Whether it's sugar, carbs (essentially sugar), salt....we all have something that our bodies crave because it has been trained to. When we detox it is normal to have withdrawal like effects for the first couple of days. You may experience headaches, cotton mouth, stomach cramps, etc but all should subside by day four. If you feel lightheaded then you are not drinking enough and need to add in additional juice or try a more fulfilling juice. Drinking cucumber juice straight is essentially drinking water. Make sure you are getting the calories you need. 

What about protein? 
Did you know you should really only eat protein from cows, chickens, pigs, etc 2-3 times a week? Protein is very complex and takes a lot of energy for our body to break down. Ideally, we should get our protein from vegetables, fish, dairy and beans and then add the lean protein we need, which normally isn't much. 

Do I have to drink the same flavor all day?
No, absolutely not. Mix it up! If you want to do veggies all day then a sweet juice at night go for it! Sometimes I will add in a homemade cinnamon vanilla almond milk at night. Not normally, but it is a nice change. 

Can I have coffee and tea while detoxing?
 Coffee, eh. Tea, yes. Coffee has caffeine and caffeine is essentially a drug. We are breaking all addictions! Yes, tea has a little bit of caffeine but when compared to coffee it is minimal. 

I noticed separation in my juice, is that normal?
Yes. The water part to your juice will sink while other parts float. Gently swirl the juice until it is all mixed in again. 

Tips and Tricks

1) Get a buddy. Everything is easier with a buddy. 
2) Drink your juice BEFORE you are hungry. You should never get a hunger sensation while juice cleansing. Always fulfill what your body needs and it will start to change what it wants.
4) Drink lots of water with your juice
5) Don't workout for the first three or four days. Wait until your side effects have stopped and then assess your energy level. 
5) Support. Even if you don't have a buddy doing it with you look for support! Especially in your household. Have your spouse keep you accountable. 


I do not recommend modifying your juice cleanse but here are some ways you can make it work for you. 

1) Add a small meal at night of 2 oz of LEAN protein (or fish) and dark leafy greens.
2) Add gelatin to your juice for added protein.

If all else just add a juice to your day! 

I think that's it! Have any questions? Did I miss something? Leave it in the comments! Follow me on Facebook for my daily recipes through these 12  days. I would love to see pictures and have you join in on this journey with me :) 


Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

12 day juice cleanse!! That's commitment. I did a three day one recently and really saw benefits!

Taylor VanDenBerg said...

So when you do a juice cleanse, juice and water is the only thing you take into your body? You dont have any meals or snacks right?

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