Lo's Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, June 1, 2015

When we started Lo in kindergarten a year early we had no idea how amazing she would do. We knew she would learn to read and add but I had no idea that her already huge heart could get even bigger. She is still the most kind hearted, spunky little girl I know and I am so proud of her for continuing to be sweet and sticking up for other people. 

What I wasn't prepared for was her sudden dislike in vegetables. If you have been following awhile you know we eat a ton of veggies in our house. My kids love veggies and normally we have that instead of meat but now veggies "aren't cool". Well, I just didn't know that ;) In her bio she said her favorite food was "spaghetti without the veggies".... smack talk at dads cooking during a graduation, ouch. Another thing I wasn't prepared for was the "new" slang. Did you know the word stellar is coming back? It is. 

I've mentioned this before but Lo will be doing kindergarten again. On her standardized test she scored 3 second grade levels, 1 first grade level and 1 kindergarten level, which, for her school, is behind. She was really upset that she wouldn't be moving on with her friends but her dads and I decided it would be better to hold her back now and have her flourish next year then put her into first grade to early and have her struggle to keep up and end up resenting school. 

They had a program to start off the graduation then went on with the ceremony. It was so precious when they asked her what she wanted to thank God for she said, "For my newest little brother to get here safe." Way to melt mom and dads heart. Bryson is still bringing up how sweet it was. I was so happy he was able to make it. He was on shift and they brought they whole engine over and his crew and him watched in the back. 

I have some videos uploading on youtube that I will share in a part 2, they are taking 260+ minutes to upload each (absolutely insane) but they are too cute not to share! 

Like any good mom I took a bajillion pictures ;) 


Anonymous said...

She makes my heart happy-such a beautiful little girl-excuse me for saying but every time I see her doing something "special" I am so glad you made the decision to have this precious little girl. I am proud of you and I know how hard it has been - lots of struggles along the way but you have managed to raise a beautiful little girl inside and out. She is a total sweetie!!! I love you all and the wonderful little family you have become! Mema

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