Lo Started Kindergarten

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This year my sweet girl started Kindergarten. She has been doing amazing and has made so many awesome friends. She has really grown from a toddler to a kid this year and it's still weird for me to look and not see a little baby. She has been such a huge help with Foster and loves her brother more than anything, and he loves her just as much. Whenever Bryson is at work they will both sleep in bed with me and normally when it's just Foster and I he will crawl over and give me lots of kisses, but when Lo is home he totally ignores me and loves on his sister.  When it is time to wake Lo up for school he runs into her room yelling "Sissy". 

Every year I give Lo a little mini interview and it's fun to see how her answers have changed over the years and what has stayed the same.

Who I Love: Momma and Mamy and even Mema

What I like to do: Play with dolls and I like to play on my iPod

What I do when I am home: Play all the time

What I like to eat: Spaghetti and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

My best friend is: Joey (cousin)

What I want to be when I grow up: I want to be a singer

My pets: dogs (Lunchbox, Emily and Kali)

How tall are you: Uhhh I'm 5 

What I like to collect: I like to collect seashells

My favorite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

My favorite TV show: Daniel Tiger

What my mommy does: Work, work, work. You work to much mommy. You clean and do everything. 

What my mom says a lot: I love you

What I love about my mom: That she has white hair. *laughs* You look like Elsa! I am going to dye my hair black someday 

What my daddy does: My daddy works as a fireman

What my dad says a lot: Eat.

What I love my dad: I like that he works as a fireman. 

What my brother does: My brother plays, plays, plays, plays. 

What my brothers says a lot: bubbah 

What I love about my brother: That he hugs me a lot and he hugs my toys a lot. 

My favorite part about school: That we get to play at recess. I like the recess.

Anything else about you that I should know: Yep, that sometimes my teddy bear talks to me and they sleep on my bed. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that she loves "even me" cause I love her bunches!! This will be so fun for you and her both as she gets older!! Mema

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