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Monday, February 3, 2014

*Caution cutest baby butt ever to follow*

If you read this post then you know the score is Foster: 5 Parents: 0 Well guess who scored a touchdown for team parent? This mom, that's who. 

As you can see my cage by your side sleeper I was using for Foster in the bathroom was no longer a good idea. He was learning to escape. 

You can see how this is a problem. Who wants baby to crawl all over the gross-o bathroom floor? I'm not a mom that is super worried about babies getting dirty and a little germs never hurt anyone but bathrooms are just gross. 

Early on it looked like the score was going to be Foster: 6 Parents: 0 but mom had a moment of genius.

Muahahahaha GET OUT NOW BABY!!! 


Foster: 5 Parents: 1

This is where full disclosure comes into play. Foster was pretty defeated until he realized he had one super power he hadn't thought to use. 

The power of scream. 

He immediately started screaming and I took him out and sat him on my lap while I finished getting ready.

Foster: 5 Parents: 1

Foster: 6 Parents: 0

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