I Watched The Biggest Loser Season Finale

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is there anyone else out there that is as obsessed with the Biggest Loser as I am? I wait for it all year and as soon as the episode is out on Hulu I am sitting down ready to feel motivated- Ok, normally there is some dark chocolate covered pretzels involved but afterwards I'll feel motivated! 

This year though I'm not going to lie I felt a bit uncomfortable. If you've watched the show then you were probably rooting for Rachel because she's amazing and busted her buns the entire show while remaining a total sweet heart. But when she walked out my first thought wasn't that I wanted to look just like her, it was more, "Hmmm she looks a little skinny." but I can't guess peoples weights at all so I am always super surprised who wins and what do I know anyways. She looked awesome! 

Then it panned to Bob and Jillians faces. (Notice a concerned Tanya in the back also) They did not look excited or amazed but instead a little worried and it quickly went away from them and back to Rachel.

As Rachel was standing up there I kept thinking, "Holy guacamole I don't think anyones ever lost that much weight." Every other time these incredible people look like professional athletes. While the scale was ticking to show her weight I, like I always do, was trying to guess what it would be. I was ballparking around 118. Except one time when she lifted her arms up and I could see her bones I had no idea. I could obviously never be one of those carnies that guesses weight because when it showed 105 my jaw hit the floor. 

We are the same height and that just seems so tiny to me! Isn't that like 10 lbs underweight for her height? Again what do I know so I hit the twitter #BLFinale to see what other people were having to say. 

There was so much hate! I couldn't believe it. So maybe she's underweight and I don't agree with it if she just did it to win the money but she busted her ass! There was no talk about how awesome everyone else looked just a whole lot of body shaming. When did it become wrong to body shame overweight people but it's totally fine if that person is to skinny? 

When did we all become so hateful?

So many people were saying she didn't deserve to win. Uhhhhh why not? That's saying she didn't work at all and was completely unhealthy in losing the incredible 155 lbs that she did. 

The hate was so bad that Bob and Jillian actually released a statement that they weren't going to say anything because they were never her trainers. Which I thought was kind of low. Yes, Dolvett was her "trainer" but they all three trained every single person there especially when they went to singles. 

I just get sick of the body shaming. That is all. 

Any thoughts on the outcome of the Biggest Loser 
Which I still totally love btw. 


Signe said...

I was super uncomfortable with the fact Rachel won as well. She has a BMI of 18.1, and anything under 18.5 is considered medically underweight. I'm actually 5'6" and weigh that much, but I don't eat as much as I should. Rachel may very well be healthy and had worked hard, but the reason I was uncomfortable about the situation is that so many young girls are watching and it sent the wrong message.

Becky M said...

I don't watch religiously just a show here and there. But I thought the same - too skinny. She's only 2 inches shorter than me, and I weigh close to 140. I can't imagine being that little. That being said, you can tell she worked really hard and is in much better shape, so good for her!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

I love the show too!!! Can't believe how skinny she got?!! Crazy!


Makeover With Aspen said...

It's actually closer to 17.5ish which is really low but there are people that just have a different build and carry weight differently. I just think the Biggest Loser contestants have always looked incredible and the people that win always look so strong but who knows! It just seems really tiny to me. I agree with the message though, if she did do it unhealthily (obviously the trainers aren't happy, they all have released statements.) it's a sad message to the girls that were watching.

Makeover With Aspen said...

I know go her! Most contestants gain some weight back after the show anyways, Give it a bit and I bet she'll be the strong athlete she once was.BTW!!! Did you see Tumi?! How amazing did she look?! Super big inspiration there.

Makeover With Aspen said...

It is really crazy. Can you imagine how hard it would be to lose that much weight! and how much emotional baggage leaves with it.

Rae said...

I totally agree! I watched the finale too and thought that she looked a little skinny, but plenty of people get skinnier than they plan on maintaining for the show, to win. And now, she's gained a little weight back, enough to be at a healthy weight. I don't think that people should have freaked out though! It got a little ridiculous.

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