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Friday, December 27, 2013

I love breastfeeding! After such a hard time the first go round we are going 5 months strong and I love it! I love being the nurturer for my son and his comfort. BUT the most awesome thing is when Foster decides he's hungry, he gets himself situated right in front of the tatas and head butts them- if I don't release them immediately he will start yelling at them. Not a quiet cute yell but more like cats dying until I get them out. It's awesome because it's like he thinks they are a living and independent person and just gets right on their level and screams with all his might.  

While he is yelling at them I can't help but think of this

I remember when I would feed my daughter I would feel so frazzled and was much more concerned with covering up then enjoying the special bonding time. Now with Foster I just don't care haha I cover up but if you see them, you're welcome. 

I actually feel so awesome when I'm bfing that I wouldn't be surprised if I look like this 

(Gisele just posted this pic last week - how awesome is that?!)

But in reality this more accurately describes the life as a bfing mom

A silly bfing commercial that if you haven't watched you just have to because it accurately describes bfing in public (not a sponsored post just a funny commercial) 

As I was googling looking for some pics for this post I came across the most awesome bfing gear that I will be getting for the hubby and the hat is for me :) 

How hot will he look sporting that sweatshirt? Can I get a WOOT! WOOT! 


Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

I'm praying that when my sweet babe is born breastfeeding will work out!! I've always wanted to!

Makeover With Aspen said...

Just stick with it and don't stress :) I think my main problem the first go round was I was WAY to stressed about it. Even though it was literally my only worry with baby #2 I just listened to my body and ignored everyone else and it was 100 times easier (still painful) but way easier

The Charlie A. Blog said...

i definitely plan on breastfeeding when i have kids..
taking it one step at a time though!!

new follower/reader!
- charlie a.

Makeover With Aspen said...

It's amazing :)

Jenna Knight said...

I breastfed my 2 biological babies. my oldest for 15 months and my youngest for 9 months. I LOVED it! Though i don't think I looked as glamorous as Gisele. one can dream right :) !

Makeover With Aspen said...

haha I know I don't look as glamorous as her. Typically I look tired haha. That's awesome you fed them as long as you did :)

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