A Very Merry Blogmas

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'm back! Sorry for the absence from blogging I have been busy spending time with family, baking, seeing Santa and making Christmas traditions.

This Christmas snuck up on me. Not to say I wasn't prepared because we definitely were. The only reason is it still feels like October! In fact it might have been warmer yesterday than it was during Halloween. It didn't seem like Christmas without snow on the ground. My family is in pursuit of snow right now. They are on their way up to Idaho to their cabin were it is definitely Christmas. We're hoping to make a trip up there by March. 

Even with the lack of snow there was something that hit our family and put a teensy damper on Christmas. 

The flu.

Poor Lo was miserable sick. She couldn't even open her presents because her arms were ache-y. She had a temperature and the most runny eyes I have ever seen. If the hubs wasn't working today we would've postponed Christmas for a day because even though she isn't feeling her best ,today is one hundred times better. 

Let's start on Christmas Eve.... The hubs, Foster and I headed over to the in laws and had amazing soups and family time then we headed over to our church for a gorgeous candlelight vigil where we celebrated the true meaning of CHRISTmas. Halfway through Bryson went to pick up Lo from her dads and meet us back at his parents for a gift exchange.

I love that both of our families are so big and close to each other. So many cousins and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas to just share in the love that is family. The kids are put into a drawing to do gifts and the adults are in a separate drawing to do smaller ones. It's so awesome to see what everyone comes up with. Last year with my side of the family we all decided to do homemade gifts which was a total blast. Everyone put so much work into their gifts. I am a huge fan of the gift exchange with how huge our families are :) 

The kiddos got some amazing gifts and have been playing with them non stop since getting home. That pink crocheted carrier turns into a basinet or a purse and had a little baby inside, which, of course, Lo has been carrying around and cuddling with. That tube that Foster is opening is one of those stack up toys but they're really soft and when you push them down they'll make animal noises. 

This NEVER happens (and only lasted around 30 seconds) but of course, I had to document it.

After his scream sesh someone was extremely spoiled. I don't know how he can roll over so good and almost crawl with the way that this little man is loved on. 

After a long night with a sick girl I was getting anxious for Christmas. At her 4:30 medicine wake up I could not for the life of me fall back asleep. I was WAY to excited. I was trying so hard to wake everyone up by breathing loudly but it just wasn't happening.
Around 6 I got out of bed and make the cutest pancakes. I have a cuter picture on my phone but haven't had anytime to upload those as well but just make your pancake batter as normal then lay the cookie cutters of your choice in the pan and spray well with grease  and fill the cookie cutters half way up. When they are ready to flip, flip fast .  Only flip once then when they are finished just pop them out. Be very careful because the cookie cutters will be hot. (This may be a no brainer but you can't use plastic ones, they have to be metal.)

After I made the pancakes and set up breakfast I woke them up around 7 because I was just to excited! My sweet girl was so sick she couldn't hardly open presents and quit halfway through and we all took a nap. Foster was super into presents. I thought he would be into the paper or completely disinterested but he figured out that there was toys in the pretty paper really quick. He loved his presents - again, totally shocked.

Lo's dad gets her a snow globe every year. As soon as she opened it she ran and put it near the others. She was so proud of it.  I love their little tradition.

At my parents house Lo went down hill quick. She was over Christmas. She couldn't open her presents at all and just sat on my lap and would say, "That's awesome." in the saddest voice imaginable and totally broke my heart. But again Foster was totally into it. 

Just real quick, look above at that pic of Foster just smiling away. How adorable is that?

Speaking of adorable look at these two dapper gentlemen. How did I land such a smokin hot hubby? 

Afterwards Lo stayed with sick Mamy and sick Aunt T and the rest of us went to my aunt and uncles house for family time. It was a pretty small gathering with only around 40 people but it was great seeing everyone :) I wish Lo could've made it and we didn't stay long because we wanted to get back to our girl. 

That's about it for our very merry Christmas. I would love to hear what all was happening at you beautiful peoples house :) 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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