Mornings and Despicable Me

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mornings at our house vary from day to day but, for the most part, 75% of our family are morning people. (Dad is obviously the 25%) Lo and Foster are always sweet to each other and play really well. However, Lo has been at her dads since Thursday and will be there until Christmas Eve. So now mornings consist of Foster waking up and immediately transforming into a puppy; complete with biting, licking and woofing, diaper change, "Na" (Snack) but then what? I could let him terrorize the's still a mess from doing that yesterday...Or I could pop in Fosters current favorite movie Despicable Me and have at least 30 minutes to myself.

Now what I do with those 30 minutes is a whole other story. It typically doesn't consist of showering...when that does happen I can just throw him in with me anyways, today it will consist of getting dressed and getting the house picked up so I can start wrapping Christmas presents before Bryson gets home from work. 

We have watched Despicable Me probably 586 times in the past couple of months so in honor of that I wanted to go over some things  I love/hate about Gru and his bratty kids. 

LOVE: Agnes' obsession with Unicorns. "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!"

LOVE: "Ok, that's enough little do you remove them? Is there a command? Non-stick spray? Crowbar?" This is pretty much how I feel all day. 

HATE: When Gru is trying to go over his evil plan with the bank and his kids won't let him work. Rude.

LOVE: Vector. Vector is right up there with Edna "E" Mode for favorite supporting characters. 

HATE: Margo. She reminds me that adorable Edith and Agnes (and Lo) will one day grow up to be bratty pre-teens. 

LOVE: That the pyramid is painted like the sky and we all just pretend like we don't know it's there. 

LOVE: "He punched my shark!" 

LOVE: Agnes and the "puppy"

LOVE: Edith. "Mines shaped like a dead guy!" 

HATE: When he gives the girls back. *tears*

The more I watch Despicable Me and am getting ready for little River to be here I am realizing that I am Gru. 

"It's just a toy, now stop it." 

"What about the other houses?" "Life is full of disappointment, for some people *evil laugh*"

"AAAHHHH Super Silly Funland! Can we go?!" "No" "But it's the funnest place on Earth" "Don't care."

"The dance recital, you are coming?" "Of course I am sitting on pins an needles about it." 


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